Saturday, 9 May 2015

You CAN have your cake and eat it..

Hi everyone!

If it's the first cake you're gonna bake, this is the one you wanna make...!

Before you do anything-- pre heat the oven to 180 degrees or gas Mark 7 ;)

Get all your ingredients and measure them out according to the measurements above^ then put them all into a big bowl ready to mix:

Mix it all together until it's smooooooooth. Then pour into two circular tins (make sure you grease them first or it will get stuck haha) 

Leave them in the oven for 15-20 mins at 180 degrees or gas Mark 7.

 Take them out when golden brown (press gently in the middle and if it doesn't pop back it is not done!) 

Leave them to cool!!! Then it's time to decorate :)) 

First spread butter cream on the top of the top half and spread butter cream and jam on the inside of the bottom layer like this:

Then sandwich them together and start decorating!

I did ring after ring of of topping until I filled the whole cake-

And that's how to bake your first cake!! Here's the finished result!

Quick, simple and tasty! This cake is perfect for your first bake! 

Hopefully there will be another baking post soon, maybeeee.... Cookies!

Cya soon, Els xoxox

Friday, 8 May 2015

Top Nude lip gloss+stick

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Hi everyone,

You may or may not know that I generally wear nude lip products... So I've picked out my fave stick and gloss to share with youuuuu!! 

Starting with lipstick- I've recently been loving the mini Burberry Kisses in shade 05 Nude Pink. It's not just the cutest lip product in my collection, the colour is georgeousssss!! 

Packaging-  The packaging (becuase mines a mini) is so so cute! It comes in a tiny box that I've kept as well just becuase I liked it haha- is it just me who likes to keep cute packaging?! It has Burberry engraved on the lid and it looks very nice on display :) 

Application- The product applies best if you put lip balm on beforehand as it can be a little bit dry but other than that it goes on smoothly.

Colour-  The shade 05 is perfectttt for me as it's subtle but still shows up giving a nice colour. The lipstick is quite matte.

Rate out of 10-  9/10

Moving on to my top lipgloss- I've had this BarryM lipgloss for a month or two now and for starters, it smells SO good.

Packaging- I like the packaging of this lipgloss, it's simple but still nice and the lettering doesn't rub off, that's one thing I hateeee!!!! 

Application- I was not 100% keen on the applicator at first sight as it looked a bit naff but after using it once I realised how good it was! It's goes on really well and isn't at all drying.

Colour- I love love love the colour of this lipgloss (obviously otherwise I wouldn't have chosen it hahaha) it has a tiny bit of sparkle in it but it's not in your face- then it's pretty much, like the lipstick, a subtle nude but more 'glossy'.

Rate out of 10- 9/10

Hope you enjoyed this post, maybe comment your fave nude lip product below!
Cya soon,
Els xoxo

Sunday, 26 April 2015

2 easy DIY room decor ideas

Hi everyone, 
Today I'm going to show you 2 different, easy DIY room decor ideas. 

Idea number 1. Decorate a frame and put in your fave quote! Display on window sills, shelves, dressing tables or where ever you like! 

Idea number 2. ... Simply paint on words or phrases and hang on handles of draws, wardrobes or anywhere you want!

I hope you liked these 2  ideas and maybe try them out. Comment your favourite below! DIYs are one if my favourite posts to make so if you want more leave suggestions below.

Cya soon, 
Els xox

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Frozen Banana Pops- quick, easy and healthy treat!

Hi everyone,
Today I'm going to share how to make a reallyyyyy nice healthy, sweet treat- Frozen banana pops!

I'd just like to say... After making these I shared them with my family and we all LOVED them they are the best snack ever!!

The great thing is this recipe is very versatile and you can swap any ingredients for something different, even change the banana to something like a strawberry..

But I'm going to show HOW to make Frozen banana pops:

You will need:




-Wooden sticks (suitable to slide into the banana)

- Chcolate flakes/ sprinkles (you could just crush up a chocolate bar)

Now for the making-

Step 1. Peel and chop your banana into two like this:

Step 2. Insert wooden sticks into one end of each half, this is acting as a handle.

Step 3. Take the honey, and cover both halfs of the banana, this makes it taste sweet and sticks the topping to the banana..

Step 4. Take the granola (you could use crushed cereal or nuts if you prefer) and spread out on a plate, then take one half of your honey smothered banana and roll it in the granola.

Step 5.  Then take the other half and roll it in the chocolate sprinkles/ flakes.

Once done, your bananas should look something like this:

6. Place in the fridge for 3 hours, when they come out they will look and taste A LOT better!!

7. Eat the most delicious, healthy snacks around!!! Here's the end result:

I really think YOU should try these out beacuase they are so so tasty- kind of like a banana flavoured ice lolly topped with sweetness and crunchiness!! 

They taste even better than they look!!!

Cya soon,
Els xoxox

Friday, 20 February 2015

DIY photo booth!

Hi everyone!
Today I've got a reallyyyyyy simple DIY to let you create cute pictures with your friends and family!
Instead of going out and paying for a photo booth picture, create it at home with DIY backgrounds, props and editors! 
This is me with my friend Daisie trying out some of our DIY props! (also has a blog:

You can pretty much make these out of anything you have in your cupboards, I used; wooden sticks (found is craft stores ect.), different patterned card, and sellotape. You might also like to use glitter, stickers or anything else you can find! 

If you're not the best drawer or don't have the time you could print out templates/ cut outs from the Internet but I chose to do mine by myself.

Simple Steps-
Just draw and cut out your shapes eg. Glasses or a moustache. 
Grab your sticks, flip over your shape to the side that won't be showing and tape the stick on.
Add any glitter, stickers or fun stuff you want to make them look cool!

In my example picture we set up against a plain white wall however you could decorate your plain wall with fairy lights ect. Or use a patterned, colourful wall! 

In the example picture I used the apps colour splash for the black and white and colour effect then pic collage to create the collage (you can create photo booth strips and much more on there too!)

So that you can use your props again and again, why not store them in a glass jar, bottle or something similar and have them on display! Or just store them in a cupboard...

Finished! I hope you like this DIY photo booth idea, I really enjoyed making and taking pictures with them! 
Cya soon, 
Els xoxox

Sunday, 25 January 2015

DIY: Lip Scrub!

Hi everyone! Long time no see!! :( (unless you follow my Instagram, you wouldn't have heard from me for a long while!) You may have noticed I have re designed my blog and deleted almost all my posts. I'm hoping to, starting from now, stay active and post lots! 

Today I've got a DIY: Lip Scrub! This is super easy and made with basic ingredients that you should already have in your cupboards! So in effect, it costs nothing to make (the only thing you may have to purchase is a small jar to store the scrub in.) where as, in comparison, the lush lip scrub cost £5.00 for the same thing! 

Before you start, make sure you prep your ingredients and work on an easy-to-clean surface as it does get a little bit messy! You will need:
3 Table spoons of sugar (be prepared to add slightly more throughout tho!) 
1 1/2 table spoons of olive oil
Honey or Vanilla extract (this is optional but adds a nice flavour)
2 small pots ( you can adjust the measurements to make more or less)
1 mixing bowl & a small spoon.
Food colouring- any colour but I chose red and added a small amount to turn my scrub pink!

I found the perfect size pot for holding the lip scrub is a miniature jam jar!

Step 1- add 3 table spoons of sugar into the bowl.

Step 2- add in 1 1/2 table spoons of oil and combine together.

OPTIONAL- To add flavour, mix in honey or vanilla extract (or any flavouring you would prefer). If you don't add this there will still be a sweet sugary flavour but will not be as strong tasting!  

Step 3-
If you are adding extra flavour, this will be step 3 but if not, skip this step.

Step 4-
Again this is optional but I would recommend adding in food colouring to make your lip scrub more appealing! Make sure you only add a few drops other wise it will turn really dark.

Now you're lip scrub mixture is finished! Just spoon it into your jar!

As you go, make sure you continue to compact the lip scrub down to fit more mixture in and have the best effect when using.

And there you have it! Your finished lip scrub- which should take no more than 20 minuets to make!

I really hope you enjoyed this post! To make sure you don't miss my next post, subscribe via bloglovin!

See you soon, Els xoxox