Friday, 8 May 2015

Top Nude lip gloss+stick

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Hi everyone,

You may or may not know that I generally wear nude lip products... So I've picked out my fave stick and gloss to share with youuuuu!! 

Starting with lipstick- I've recently been loving the mini Burberry Kisses in shade 05 Nude Pink. It's not just the cutest lip product in my collection, the colour is georgeousssss!! 

Packaging-  The packaging (becuase mines a mini) is so so cute! It comes in a tiny box that I've kept as well just becuase I liked it haha- is it just me who likes to keep cute packaging?! It has Burberry engraved on the lid and it looks very nice on display :) 

Application- The product applies best if you put lip balm on beforehand as it can be a little bit dry but other than that it goes on smoothly.

Colour-  The shade 05 is perfectttt for me as it's subtle but still shows up giving a nice colour. The lipstick is quite matte.

Rate out of 10-  9/10

Moving on to my top lipgloss- I've had this BarryM lipgloss for a month or two now and for starters, it smells SO good.

Packaging- I like the packaging of this lipgloss, it's simple but still nice and the lettering doesn't rub off, that's one thing I hateeee!!!! 

Application- I was not 100% keen on the applicator at first sight as it looked a bit naff but after using it once I realised how good it was! It's goes on really well and isn't at all drying.

Colour- I love love love the colour of this lipgloss (obviously otherwise I wouldn't have chosen it hahaha) it has a tiny bit of sparkle in it but it's not in your face- then it's pretty much, like the lipstick, a subtle nude but more 'glossy'.

Rate out of 10- 9/10

Hope you enjoyed this post, maybe comment your fave nude lip product below!
Cya soon,
Els xoxo