Sunday, 25 January 2015

DIY: Lip Scrub!

Hi everyone! Long time no see!! :( (unless you follow my Instagram, you wouldn't have heard from me for a long while!) You may have noticed I have re designed my blog and deleted almost all my posts. I'm hoping to, starting from now, stay active and post lots! 

Today I've got a DIY: Lip Scrub! This is super easy and made with basic ingredients that you should already have in your cupboards! So in effect, it costs nothing to make (the only thing you may have to purchase is a small jar to store the scrub in.) where as, in comparison, the lush lip scrub cost £5.00 for the same thing! 

Before you start, make sure you prep your ingredients and work on an easy-to-clean surface as it does get a little bit messy! You will need:
3 Table spoons of sugar (be prepared to add slightly more throughout tho!) 
1 1/2 table spoons of olive oil
Honey or Vanilla extract (this is optional but adds a nice flavour)
2 small pots ( you can adjust the measurements to make more or less)
1 mixing bowl & a small spoon.
Food colouring- any colour but I chose red and added a small amount to turn my scrub pink!

I found the perfect size pot for holding the lip scrub is a miniature jam jar!

Step 1- add 3 table spoons of sugar into the bowl.

Step 2- add in 1 1/2 table spoons of oil and combine together.

OPTIONAL- To add flavour, mix in honey or vanilla extract (or any flavouring you would prefer). If you don't add this there will still be a sweet sugary flavour but will not be as strong tasting!  

Step 3-
If you are adding extra flavour, this will be step 3 but if not, skip this step.

Step 4-
Again this is optional but I would recommend adding in food colouring to make your lip scrub more appealing! Make sure you only add a few drops other wise it will turn really dark.

Now you're lip scrub mixture is finished! Just spoon it into your jar!

As you go, make sure you continue to compact the lip scrub down to fit more mixture in and have the best effect when using.

And there you have it! Your finished lip scrub- which should take no more than 20 minuets to make!

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See you soon, Els xoxox