Friday, 20 February 2015

DIY photo booth!

Hi everyone!
Today I've got a reallyyyyyy simple DIY to let you create cute pictures with your friends and family!
Instead of going out and paying for a photo booth picture, create it at home with DIY backgrounds, props and editors! 
This is me with my friend Daisie trying out some of our DIY props! (also has a blog:

You can pretty much make these out of anything you have in your cupboards, I used; wooden sticks (found is craft stores ect.), different patterned card, and sellotape. You might also like to use glitter, stickers or anything else you can find! 

If you're not the best drawer or don't have the time you could print out templates/ cut outs from the Internet but I chose to do mine by myself.

Simple Steps-
Just draw and cut out your shapes eg. Glasses or a moustache. 
Grab your sticks, flip over your shape to the side that won't be showing and tape the stick on.
Add any glitter, stickers or fun stuff you want to make them look cool!

In my example picture we set up against a plain white wall however you could decorate your plain wall with fairy lights ect. Or use a patterned, colourful wall! 

In the example picture I used the apps colour splash for the black and white and colour effect then pic collage to create the collage (you can create photo booth strips and much more on there too!)

So that you can use your props again and again, why not store them in a glass jar, bottle or something similar and have them on display! Or just store them in a cupboard...

Finished! I hope you like this DIY photo booth idea, I really enjoyed making and taking pictures with them! 
Cya soon, 
Els xoxox