Thursday, 26 March 2015

Frozen Banana Pops- quick, easy and healthy treat!

Hi everyone,
Today I'm going to share how to make a reallyyyyy nice healthy, sweet treat- Frozen banana pops!

I'd just like to say... After making these I shared them with my family and we all LOVED them they are the best snack ever!!

The great thing is this recipe is very versatile and you can swap any ingredients for something different, even change the banana to something like a strawberry..

But I'm going to show HOW to make Frozen banana pops:

You will need:




-Wooden sticks (suitable to slide into the banana)

- Chcolate flakes/ sprinkles (you could just crush up a chocolate bar)

Now for the making-

Step 1. Peel and chop your banana into two like this:

Step 2. Insert wooden sticks into one end of each half, this is acting as a handle.

Step 3. Take the honey, and cover both halfs of the banana, this makes it taste sweet and sticks the topping to the banana..

Step 4. Take the granola (you could use crushed cereal or nuts if you prefer) and spread out on a plate, then take one half of your honey smothered banana and roll it in the granola.

Step 5.  Then take the other half and roll it in the chocolate sprinkles/ flakes.

Once done, your bananas should look something like this:

6. Place in the fridge for 3 hours, when they come out they will look and taste A LOT better!!

7. Eat the most delicious, healthy snacks around!!! Here's the end result:

I really think YOU should try these out beacuase they are so so tasty- kind of like a banana flavoured ice lolly topped with sweetness and crunchiness!! 

They taste even better than they look!!!

Cya soon,
Els xoxox